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Best Computer Store in Philadelphia

If you’re looking for a PC, laptop, tablet or peripherals such as monitors, cables and printers in Philadelphia, look no further than Proclaiment Technologies Llc. Beyond products, we can also offer advice and support, as well as networking solutions and a range of storage options to fulfil your needs. Simply contact us at (267)521-1606 for more information about the stock we carry or can supply.

Our Upgrade and Trade in Services

Repair doesn’t have to be the only option for your electronics; if you think it’s old and you’re due for a swap anyway, you might qualify for an upgrade or you might be able to trade in your device for a brand new model. You can find out what your handset is valued at by calling us for a free, no-requirement meeting. One of our customer support assistants will be happy to walk you through your options!

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Our convenient repair establishment is located nearby and is the best phone repair establishment in Philadelphia. We’re a certified centre for phone fixtures, upgrades and trade ins created to make your life straightforward: that’s why we also make coming in easy.There's no need to book an appointment and we can also give free consultations and quotes over the phone. Just ring us on +12672599234 and we’ll be ecstatic to speak to you.


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